Historian and author Patrick Manning began his career studying African history. Over nearly six decades, his focus expanded to link African studies more closely to world history, examining the African Diaspora, human migration patterns, and community life. Today, Manning's work centers on developing a coherent theory for understanding world history: humanity as a system. Read More »

帕特里克·曼宁著述中文译介情况汇总  Patrick Manning's Works Translated into Chinese

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Social Institutions: The Engine of Human Change

How have social institutions evolved since the earliest days of language? In what ways do humans work together to effect social change? How has migration been a major process for learning?

Featured Work

Methods for Human History: Disciplines and Perspectives

How do we document the past and present? What behaviors, perspectives, and trends add new understanding to human society? How is information science reshaping our view of history?

Featured Work

The Evolution of the Human System: Large-Scale Social Change

What fuels large-scale social change? How has the rise of capitalism influenced economic, political, and social affairs? How have human networks contributed to today’s greatest crises?

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